TPIX - a comprehensive telecommunications solution

Access to TPIX services could be established in many ways:
• by directly connecting to dedicated TPIX access devices
• through Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet services provided at the user's premises and at Orange Polska facilities.
• Through services based on DWDM channels provided at the user's premises and at Orange Polska facilities.

Physical connection to dedicated TPIX access devices

The main TPIX access switches are located in Warsaw in two sites:
• Warsaw LIM, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79
• Orange Warsaw, ul. Św. Barbary 10
An additional hub dedicated mainly to the MIX2 service is Orange site – Katowice, Francuska 101street.
Standard we offer 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet ports and multiples in aggregated logical interfaces. We connect Clients who order the highest data rates directly to the backbone devices.
Using dedicated access, operators gain unlimited bandwidth to the TPIX platform's open peering service. Access can be obtained by installing own devices in OPL buildings or by introducing your own fiber optic cables.
The installation of devices in the OPL buildings and the introduction of cables into them are subject of the Telehousing PRO offer.
In the LIM Center site, the administrators of this building and the operators located there are responsible for the introduction of cables and installation of devices.
We have a rich infrastructure between LIM and OPL buildings - we invite Clients located in LIM to use these resources.

Access from user premises to TPIX using Orange Polska access network

For operators that do not have access to the above-mentioned facilities in Warsaw and Katowice, we propose a countrywide Orange Polska access network. Our access services based on technologies:
• Metro Ethernet
• Carrier Ethernet
we can deliver to anywhere in the country. However, it should be remembered that in the absence of fiber optic infrastructure it should be built.
Such an investment can be made by Orange Polska.

The access network can be used for all Orange Polska services, VLAN channels can be run both to the TPIX platform, to the TPNET network services and to any other place and Client connected to our network. In this way, you can build a universal and cost-effective network transferring all services.

Metro Ethernet network is redundant - devastation and planned work on backbone optical cables have no impact on customer traffic.

Services based on Carrier Ethernet and DWDM can be configured with protection routes - depending on the needs of customers.

Access to TPIX using Operator's resources

We invite all operators to install their own devices and cables in our Telehousing facilities in the Telehousing PRO service.
The list of OPL locations ready to receive devices and cables for operators can be found in the location of telehousing rooms.
After checking the technical conditions, virtually every OPL technical object can be used to introduce cables of other operators.