TPIX - a comprehensive telecommunications solution

TPIX is a platform based on Ethernet switches and the associated technical infrastructure, enabling exchange of traffic among connected Internet and Content Service Providers. The Ethernet switches are deployed in OPL facilities located in Warsaw:
Św. Barbary 10, and Piękna 19. Two switches are also deployed at the LIM Center (Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79).

The TPIX platform provides 1 GbE and 10 GbE ports (at OPL facility at Św. Barbary 10). Each of the ports enables concurrent access to the
following services:

  • - paid peering with TPNET (AS5617) network
  • - Open Peering . free exchange of traffic between interested connected parties, with no bandwidth restrictions
  • - Private VLAN . a logical channel between connected carriers, including international transit providers.

Who is this service designed for?

The TPIX services are designed for telecommunication carriers with their own BGP Autonomous System Numbers.


  • - High quality of provisioned infrastructure (e.g. guaranteed power supply)
  • - High reliability and throughput of Ethernet switches
  • - Affordable 1GBE and 10GBE ports in PoPs
  • - VLANs to TPNET with the same bandwidth price as the TPNET network routers
  • - Private VLANs between TPIX users, enabling them to purchase services directly from other connected carriers
  • - Reduced costs thanks to access to a complete set of services via a single port
  • - Possibility to expand the carrier's network range based on OPL metro network

Information about the service

Carriers may use the TPIX services from main OPL facilities located in Warsaw, at Piękna and Św. Barbary, as well as at the LIM Center.
Moreover in over 200 OPL locations across the territory of Poland, we can provide Metro Ethernet access, with all services offered by TPIX
in attractive bandwidth prices.