TPIX - a comprehensive telecommunications solution

Open peering is a service that facilitates exchange of IP traffic among the carriers, by connecting them to a shared VLAN and providing them with
an option to be connected to a Route Server. Open peering is not a stand-alone service supported by a separate offer.
Rather, it is a functionality that may be ordered for TPIX ports and for OPL Ethernet network ports.  

Who is this service designed for?

The service is designed for businesses providing Internet access or content services and data transfer services, as part of their own business activities carried out for their customers and subscribers.  


Open peering is an affordable solution because it is based on L2 switches, instead of costly L3 routers. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for those Internet operators that are willing to accept a slightly more complicated configuration of their routers, resulting in improved performance of their Internet services and lower link costs.

Information about the service

Open peering is better substitute for IP transit services, due to the fact that each of the partners is directly linked to another, and has full control over the bandwidth and the quality of connection with the peering traffic exchange point. Due to the same conditions of participation in the traffic exchange point, all participants develop common quality they can benefit from, based on equal rights.